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Salisbury, MD 21804

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Valuing Bird Biodiversity Using Citizen Science

with Jeff Gordon and Sonja Kolstoe

and  Introducing Arthonia samdykeana and Arthonia gutberletiana

Friday, March 10, 2017, 3pm – 6pm, at the Ward Museum

Fee: FREE to the public

Join President of the American Bird Association, Jeff Gordon, for an afternoon of citizen science and birding economics with Assistant Salisbury University Professor of Economics and Finance, Sonja Kolstoe, as she shares the findings of her research about the role of bird biodiversity in the economic impact of birding. This intriguing topic will be covered after some opening statements from Jeff Gordon following a late afternoon eBird workshop. This event will begin with an open format workshop in which attendees can learn and get help with using the online citizen science tool, eBird, including how to upload life lists in Excel format.  The Tri-county Bird Club will also be present with materials about their organization.

A special feature of this event will be a trbute to the late Sam Dyke and Ron Gutberlet, both of Salisbury, MD were recently honored with naming tributes of two newly discovered species of Arthonia (lichen) on pines in the Mid-Atlantic Coastal Plain.

Authors James C. Lendemer and David Ray published their findings of these species in the latest issue of The Bryologist, published by the American Bryological and Lichenological Society, Inc.

These two new species, Arthonia samdykeana and Arthonia gutberletiana were named in honor of Sam Dyke and Ron Gutberlet, in recognition of their many contributions in the conservation and citizen science community.

Artilce Citation:  Lendemer, J.C., and D. Ray. 2017. Two new pinicolous Arthonia (Arthoniaceae; Arthoniomycetes) from the Delmarva Peninsula of the Atlantic Coastal Plain in eastern North America. The Bryologist, 120(1):11-18.


The schedule for the event is as follows:

3-4pm: eBird workshop

4-430pm: Arthonia samdykeana and Arthonia gutberletiana Introduction from David Ray

430-5pm: Presentation from Jeff Gordon

5-545pm: Presentation from Sonya Kolstoe

545-6pm: Questions and Discussion




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