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909 South Schumaker Drive
Salisbury, MD 21804

Museum Hours

Mon - Sat: 10 a.m. - 5 p.m.
Sun: 12 p.m. - 5 p.m.

Scout Programs

The Ward Museum offers programs for both Boy and Girl Scouts that focus on Art, Culture, and Nature. With unique resources like the World Championship gallery and Schumaker pond, the Ward Museum is able to host exciting scout events and opportunities. For more information about Girl Scouts read below. For more information about Boy Scouts you can scroll down or click here.

Girl Scouts

The Ward Museum offers programs that allow Girl Scouts to earn and complete their badges. We have several packages that fulfill the requirements for certain badges, with the exception of activities they must complete alone.

The badges that the Ward Museum currently offers are Butterflies, Woodworker, Drawing, Photography, Oceans, Wetlands, River, and Bay. If you have any questions about these packages, feel free to contact us (410-742-4988 x110, wardeducation@salisbury.edu).

The local Girl Scouts Council can be reached through Donna Francisco at 800-4342-4007 (DE: 302-456-7182).


 Upcoming Girl Scouts Events
Salisbury University (map)
Join the Ward Museum to earn your Digital Photography Badge. You will have the opportunity to learn about photography techniques and methods from a professional photographer. You will go on a photo excursion and take pictures of wildlife and natural scenes around Salisbury University campus, then get a chance to edit them and create a digital photo project. Note: Meet at the bus stop in Parking Lot B on Salisbury University's campus. Girls need to wear clothing appropriate for the weather. Camer...

Explore the wondrous, diverse world of insects. Discover a variety of insects, learn their different body parts, and practice identifying them during an insect safari around the Ward Museum.

Girl Scout Daisy through Junior.

Learn about the wonder of butterflies. Look at actual butterflies under glass to learn about their life cycle, body parts, and interesting adaptations that help this delicate creature survive.
Girl Scout Daisy through Junior

Where better to learn about woodworking then at the Ward Museum?  You will learn all the basics – measuring, sawing, hammering, etc – then put them all to use on projects to bring home with you, including  a birdhouse to hand in your own backyard.
Girl Scout Cadette

Come and nurture your inner artist during this creative session at the Ward Museum. Using different media you will work on still life drawings, shading, and perspective. After honing your drawing skills, you put them to use in a graphic design project creating your own Girl Scout cookie.
Girl Scout Junior

Wetlands are an important ecosystem for many different forms of life, especially our local birds. The many marshes and swamps of the Delmarva Peninsula provide vital habitat for many bird and other species. Learn about these local habitats that are essential to the wildlife of our region. Part one of four of the H2O badge series.
Girl Scout Daisy through Junior

Follow course down the river to the world’s wider waters. From fun to conservation and art to science, explore our local river systems to understand how water circulates across the planet – and how we can all contribute to keeping it beautiful and healthy. Part two of four of the H2O badge series.
Girl Scout Daisy through Junior

The Chesapeake and Delaware Bays are major nursery areas for a variety of life. Learn about the aquatic animals in the bay and the many shore birds that depend on the life in those bays – all while learning about conserving water. Part three of four of the H2O badge series.
Girl Scout Daisy through Junior