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Alvin Harris (1904 - 1975) Atlantic , North Carolina  

Alvin Harris was along time resident of Carteret County which is the geographic center of coastal North Carolina. He grew up fishing, hunting and oystering in and around Portsmouth Island which is now part of Cape Lookout National Seashore Park. After serving in the U.S. Coast Guard, Harris worked for Clayton Fulcher Seafood in the community of Atlantic. It was during this period that Harris developed a strong interest in carving waterfowl. His decoys made him a legend among Core Sound carvers. Easily recognizable, the foreheads of his decoys protrude forward and are rounded. The bodies are most often made of balsa with a bottom board made from planking or plywood and juniper heads.

Harris is regarded as one of the finest area carvers, creating not only beautiful waterfowl carvings, but one of the few to carve artistically styled fish and wildfowl. He is credited with being among the first carvers to formally "teach" decoy carving in Carteret County. Together with Homer Fulcher, another area carver he gave instruction and guidance first at Sailors Snug Harbor and later at the local community college to aspiring carvers.


For additional information

Carteret Waterfowl Heritage, 1993 by Jack Dudley. 
Waterfowl Heritage: North Carolina Decoys and Gunning Lore, 1983 by William N. Conoley.