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Clark Madara (1883-1953) Pitman, New Jersey

Clark Madara was born in Petersburg. About 1900, he moved to Pitman where over the next 50 years, he busied himself with an number of occupations, including house painter, cabinet maker, gunsmith and most importantly, decoy carver.

Unlike most other "down river" carvers, Madara's decoys were two pieced, smooth bodied, and finely done with no raised wing carving. He is credited with Canada goose, brant, black duck, pintail, broadbill, teal, canvasback and merganser, decoys. It is understood that a pair of pintail by Madara made circa 1930 were repainted by Lem Ward (1896 - 1984) in 1951. Madara may have constructed at least one hunting boat or "sneak box". A boat of exceptional workmanship bearing a penciled notation reading: "Built by Clark Madara for WM Hazelton 11/13/47" has been identified.


For additional information

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