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Elmer Salter (1902 - 1964) Stacy, North Carolina  

Elmer Salter is well remembered among regional Carteret County decoy carvers and historians as the other member of the well known carving team of Eldon Willis (1908 - 1981) and Elmer Salter. "Salter and Willis" joined forces in the 1920's to form a highly successful carving partnership which lasted until Salter's death in 1964.

Salter, a World War II veteran, worked as a commercial fisherman, owned and operated a store, and worked as a carpenter during his life time. Yet, he is best remembered for his contributions to one of the best known carving partnerships in coastal North Carolina. Decoys by "Salter and Willis" were highly sought after by hunters drawn to the region. Today, their work is prized by decoy collectors.


For additional information

Carteret Waterfowl Heritage, 1993 by Jack Dudley. 

The Great Book of Wildfowl Decoys, 1990 by Joe Engers, Ed.

Waterfowl Heritage of North Carolina Decoys and Gunning, 1983 by William Conoley.