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Eugene "Gene" Wells (c. 1850-1930's) Stony Brook, New York  

Gene Wells was a mason by trade who lived in Stony Brook on the North shore of Long Island. When not plastering, Wells spent a good deal of his time in the local marshes studying the wildfowl. He is best remembered for his cork black duck decoys which are considered "natural looking, relaxed and contented". Wells made wooden decoy heads for himself and others carvers which are well shaped and carefully painted. He is credited with a number of broadbills and canvasbacks made of local pine. A widower, Wells left Stony Brook when his daughter married and moved away. His legacy consists of finely carved decoys and stories of his legendary carving skill.


For additional information

Decoys - A North American Survey, 1983 by Gene and Lindy Kangas.

The Great Book of Wildfowl Decoys, 1990 by Joe Engers, Ed.

Gunners Paradise: Wildfowling and Decoys on Long Island, 1979 by Jane E. Townsend.

Wild Fowl Decoys, 1934 by Joel Barber.