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Salisbury, MD 21804

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Keith Mueller 

Keith Mueller is a lifetime resident of Connecticut. He was educated as an engineer/ draftsman but his artistic skills are self taught.

He is an exceptional carver and painter. Keith has been painting and carving for over twenty-five years. He has been awarded a world championship title six times and has also won all three hunting decoy divisions at the Ward Foundation World Carving Championship Competition. He has received over 250 Best in Show awards at competitions across North America. His expertise in this particular field makes him a highly sought after judge for the professional and world class divisions of carving. 

Of the twenty-five years that Keith has been carving and painting, twenty of those years he has also spent sharing his knowledge of his craft to others. He operates summer carving and painting seminars throughout North America and he also teaches part time between seminars and holds a one night a week carving chat session online. 

Keith does not look at just pictures for his carving. He also goes on scientific expeditions to study waterfowl and marine life. He has authored over five books, many on waterfowl and their marine environment. He also does educational seminars and displays of his artwork around New England and serves on many counsels for artwork and conservations throughout the country.

He resides in Killingworth, Connecticut and likes photography, music, and collecting and playing acoustic guitars.