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Lambert Morris, Sr. (1904-1969) Atlantic, North Carolina

Lambert Morris was born in Atlantic, a small community located in Carteret County, the geographic center of coastal North Carolina. Uke two other local residents, Charles Clifton Edwards (1920 - 1989) and Alvin Harris (1904 - 1975), Morris was a hunter and decoy carver. Unlike his many contemporary carvers, Morris was a prominent attorney and judge.

Morris acquired his carving skill from Mitchell Fulcher (1869 - 1950) who lived in nearby Stacy. His style was influence by a number of local carvers, most prominently that of Fulcher and Alvin Harris. Uke most Carteret decoy carvers, Morris' produced birds that are somewhat smaller than life with flat bottoms. Most of his decoys were made from balsa wood. He is credited with a number of geese and shorebird decoys.

Although Morris was busy with his legal work in Beaufort, he devoted most of his spare time to hunting and carving. He was an active carver from the 1920's until well into the 1950's.

For additional information

Carteret Waterfowl Heritage, 1993 by Jack Dudley.

Waterfowl Heritage: North Carolina Decoys and Gunning Lore, 1983 by William N. Conoley.