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Reeves Family- Long Point, Ontario

Three generations of the Reeves family were employed as guides and decoy carvers for the Long Point Company (1866 - 1960) a private duck hunting club on the North shore of Lake Erie. The acreage is now a Provincial park.

Phineas (1833 - 1896), a native of Bristol, England and the progenitor of the family was the first manager and guide for the club. He is well known for his classic hollow Canada geese decoys. Two of his sons, John (1860 -1896) and Charles (1877 - 1941) carried on their father's work making decoys and acting as guides for club members. Jack (1904 -1986), a son of Charles is probably the most prolific of the Reeves carvers.

Most Reeves decoys are well carved, hollow bodied and artfully painted. The similarity in form and style among the Reeves carvers can make it difficult to determine which one made a particular decoy. Decoys made by Charles and and another Reeves family member, Frank (1870 - 1938) were often covered in canvas in deference to club members who preferred that the birds not "shine" when wet. Decoys made by the Reeves remained with the club and accurate club records and stampings help to identify a Reeves carved birds.


For additional information

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