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The Elliot Brothers- Easton, MD 

"Chank" ( 1904-?) and Bill (1904-1971), twin brothers, were perhaps the last of the commercial makers of shooting stools (decoys) made of wood and cork in Talbot County. Like Ed Parsons (1856- 1937) before them, they produced thousands of decoys for the hunters who visited the region. From the 1860's until well into the twentieth century, the miles of creeks and coves along the rivers and islands in the Bay provided some of the best terrain for duck hunting on the Eastern Shore of Maryland.

The Elliott brothers produced decoys that vary in style and quality. If the demands of time allowed, they were capable of producing decoys of high quality. Their decoys have a distinctive "Elliott look" about them. All are flat - bottomed with deep cuts between the bill and the head which is characteristically narrow. Eyes are painted and located high on the head.

With a decline in the demand for hand carved decoys to hunt over, the Elliott's retired. Their legacy consists of some very good swan, goose and black duck decoys made to last.


For additional information

Chesapeake Bay Decoys - The Men Who Made and Used Them, 1973 by R.H. Richardson, Ed., Decoy Magazine, Winter 1983.

The Great Book of Wildfowl Decoys, 1990 by Joe Engers, Ed.