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Thomas H. Gelston (1851-1924) Oyster Bay, New York  

Thomas Gelston was the descendent of a prominent Long Island family. Although he enjoyed the privileges of wealth, Gelston clearly favored hunting the marshes of the bays to making his way in the business world. It was there that he honed his talent for gunning and a life- long appreciation for the wildfowl which inhabited the area. Gelston carved decoys for his own use and those wealthy sportsmen who came out from New York City to the hunt clubs that dotted the bays of Long Island.

A carver of considerable talent, in later life, Gelston and his son, George sold decoys to Abercrombie and Fitch of New York. Gelston worked in both wood and cork. His snipe and duck decoys are carved with great care. Gelston's talent for shaping the heads of his birds was a distinguishing feature of his work.


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