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Verity Family- Seaford, New York

The Verity family name is grounded in the history of the Great South Bay of Long Island. Verity men were known to have made a living for their families fishing, damming and hunting birds found in these waters beginning in the 18th century.

One of the earliest was "Uncle" John Verity (1788 - 1866). His son Obediah Verity (1813 - 1901) is ranked as one of the best known of the Verity carvers. He is remembered for his one piece wooden carvings of shore birds which are delicately carved. It was not until well after his death that he received recognition for carvings previously attributed to other regional carvers. Andrew "Grubie" Verity (1881 - 1976), Nelson Verity (1852 - 1945), Alonzo Verity ( 1852 - ?), Captain Ben Verity (1852/59 -1) and Smith Clinton Verity (c. 1900) were among other family members who carved in the "Verity style" which is characterized by full-bellied birds made of one piece of wood, delicately carved and carefully painted.

In addition to shorebird decoys, Verity baymen carved wooden duck decoys in a style similar to their shorebirds.


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