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Ward World Championship Coming to Ocean City

By: Gary Stiegler and John Watke
Photos by: Alan Wycheck

Suffering from cabin fever?  Looking for some excitement in your life? Your search is over!  The 48th Annual Ward World Championship is right around the corner.  The event will be staged at the Roland E. Powell Convention Center on April 27-29 at 4001 Coastal Highway in Ocean City, Maryland.

Attendance has grown annually to include carvers from around the world and over 10,000 carving enthusiasts and folks just like you.  If you enjoy looking at some of the incredible pieces of art that are displayed at the Ward Museum of Wildfowl Art, Salisbury University you’ll ‘be even more amazed at the 48th Annual Competition.

Celebrating wildfowl art and featuring carvings in Novice, Intermediate, and Advanced Divisions there is something for everyone.  Carvers share techniques, artist demonstrate styles, and the general public is amazed at the results.  

With artists from across the United States and 15 international countries the Ward World Championship offers a broad spectrum of carving techniques from the fledgling novice and youth, to the experienced veteran.  Note how different types of waterfowl are seen through the different sets of eyes in various settings.

Want to meet the carvers up-close and personally? You can join the carvers and artists at the Living Legends dinner on Friday evening, April 27th at the Grand Hotel.  This years’ Living Legends inductees are Oliver Lawson, David Turner, and Robert Kerr.

There are lectures and workshops throughout the event presented by the carvers and artist whose work will be judged.  You can learn the difference between a “floater” and a “non-floater”.  Learn how to make a feather out of wood.  Or how to attach a head to a body.  Carving has become a family hobby.  In additions to the carving judging there will be also a falconry demonstration and arts and crafts which are perfect for the kids.

The Lem and Steve Ward Competition highlights the event with awards for hunting decoys and “decorative smoothies”.  The Ward brothers and their early 1900’s carvings are the inspiration behind this event.

Join your friends and neighbors from across the Eastern Shore at this special “down home” competition that permanently captures the essence of the wildfowl and wildlife from around the world.

For more information and a 26 page brochure describing the event, contact the Ward Museum at 410-742-4988 ext.106 or visit our website at www.wardmuseum.org.