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Holiday Consigning Artists

At Treetops Gifts of Art and Nature, we highly value hand made, one of a kind, locally sourced pieces. Because of this value, we have a rotating list of local consignors who sell their wares in our shop. We try to carry a wide variety so everyone can find something they love.

Every holiday season we host the Artisan Holday Showcase. Many new gifts, jewelry, artword, and holiday decor hand made by local artisans is sold in our shop. Below are the artists participating in this year's showcase.

2016 Holiday Consignors

Andrea Baldeck
Philadelphia, PA
Black and White Photography

After graduating from college with a major in music and an avid interest in photography born of many hours in the darkroom, Andrea Baldeck went on to medical school, residency and practice.  Twenty years later, she returned to the serious pursuit of photography, establishing a professional darkroom and studio. Portrait, still life and landscape work have occupied her in the Philadelphia area, as well as in such disparate locations as Venice, Haiti, Southeast Asia and the Himalayas.  Her images have been published in eight books and several museum catalogues, and have hung in shows both in the US and Europe. She continues to pursue film-based  black and white photography, doing all of her own darkroom work.

Barb O’Connor
Ocean Pines, MD
Stained and Fused Glass

Barb O’Connor is an artist who focuses on stained and fused glass pieces. In 1997 when she retired from a bank in Long Island, she and her husband located and moved to Ocean Pines, Md. She had always been fascinated with stained glass, and was now able to pursue this art. She found a local artist and took lessons from her, and still does to this day. From this she had gotten into fusing glass which she seems to be doing more of. Through the years she had done a lot of commission pieces, lamps and large panels, which she loves doing but her favorite piece is a 52 inch valance that hangs over her own kitchen window. This was her first large piece she ever completed, and it was a challenge.

Connie Widmann
Parsonsburg, MD
Decorative Eggs

Connie is spending her retired years crafting beautiful decorative eggs from real eggshell. She uses a variety of ostrich, emu, goose, and smaller eggs to make her creations. Connie started her art career with oil painting and was swept up into woodcarving. Her next step from carving wood was carving eggs. Connie was awarded many “Best of Show” titles from New Jersey through Maryland for her craft. Every piece is her favorite as she is working on it. She finds her art to be very relaxing while allowing her to overcome new challenges with each piece. She works when she is not volunteering in a workshop full of past, present, and future challenges.

David Southern
Seaford, DE
Fine Woodworking

David Southern is a seventh generation woodworker who absolutely loves what he does. His favorite piece that he’s crafted is the Aria Armchair featured in the photograph above. He calls it an “organic, real design that flows up from the floor to perfectly fit its occupant”. David enjoys seeing a piece from start through finish. His shop is fairly small, however he claims to utilize the space in a very organized fashion. He works constantly. David says that woodworking takes extreme patience and attention to detail so it can sometimes be difficult, but he loves what he does and he cannot imagine doing anything else.

Jenell Willey
Tyaskin, MD

Jenell is a self-employed freelance artist and art instructor. She works with many different mediums, her favorites being pastel, charcoal, and mixed media. Jenell has loved making art for as long as she can remember, and is a self taught artist. Jenell enjoys the process of making something, taking something from start to finish. She also finds it very rewarding to work with children, and runs a kids art workshop called In the Art Room. She works out of a studio at her home in Tyaskin.

Jessica Larson
Hebron, MD

Jessica Larson is, by trade, a hairstylist and educator for Hair Cuttery. However in her spare time she is a self taught jewelry maker, using wire wrapped gemstones and shells to make her pieces. Her company is called JayLynn Jewel Designs. Jessica believes creating art is an expression of inner self, and to have other purchase and wear her pieces gives her great joy. She works out of her home, on evenings and weekends when she is not at the salon. The hardest part of her work is letting someone else take it after she’s fallen in love with it.

Kathy Boyle
Salisbury, MD

Kathy Boyle began her career as a bird carver, working for more than 25 years. Her careful attention to detail, fine sense of design, and use of color has been the foundation of her carvings and creative endeavors.  Eighteen years ago, she began using her sculpting abilities to work in clay and further expanded her creative endeavors by taking classes to introduce her to glass and metal materials. The skills Kathy has developed over the years have set the stage for her newest passion – precious metal clay, a medium developed by Mitsubishi in Japan and introduced to the United States in 1995.  Tiny micron-sized particles of silver, suspended in an organic binder, are molded to achieve a clay consistency.  When fired in a kiln, the binder burns away, and the metal particles bond and fuse together.  The result is pure precious metal, .999 fine silver.

Kelley’s Creations
Snow Hill, MD
Hand Sewn Bags

Kelley Gravenor is the owner, designer, and creator for Kelley’s Creations. She crafts quilted fabric handbags, totes, and accessories. A self-taught seamstress, Kelley has been sewing her entire life. She has been selected to participate in many juried art and crafts shows, and was featured in several newspaper articles. Kelley finds it difficult to select a favorite piece. She falls in love with every one she creates, from the selection of the fabric to the finished product. She designs in a spare room in her house set up as a studio, and works every chance she gets.

Laura Ellison
Princess Anne, MD

Laura Ellison is a self taught and self employed jewelry craftswoman. She uses mixed metals, semi-precious stones, pearls, and resin in her pieces. She has claimed various Best Jewelry titles from an assortment of shows with her handmade pieces. Her favorite piece is a sterling, garnet, and pearl pendant that she made. Laura enjoys her work because she loves to create. Her workshop is full of books, three jewelers benches, and lots of things that she loves. She works mostly in the morning, and finds it very difficult to put her work down and walk away from it.

Lucas Fink
Pittsville, MD

Lucas is a self employed woodworker who creates a type of artwork called marquetry - artwork created by using various species of wood, cut and fit to create images. His father was a woodworker, as were his grandfather and great grandfather. He has several of his great grandfather’s marquetry pieces from the turn of the last century. Lucas finds this art to be relaxing, and believes that it both requires and teaches patience. He works most often in the evenings, especially during the fall and winter months. He says that the hardest part of his craft is the learning curve to the glue up and finishing process. In the beginning he lost several pieces after all the hours spent cutting them.

Meg Mullen
Rehoboth Beach, DE
Beading and Jewelry

Meg is the current owner of Bead My Love, so she sells beads and everything needed for bead embroidery. She also creates her own jewelry, including the art of bead embroidery in some pieces. Meg took a class 20 years ago to help her make a quilted wall hanging, and while she never made the quilt, it sparked a love for beaded embroidery. Her favorite piece is the piece she designed for her wedding, and she finds the most rewarding thing about her work is teaching others how to bead. Her studio where she makes her pieces is very disorganized at first look, but is filled with many different projects happening all at the same time. She works on projects all the time, including taking them with her wherever she goes.

Mitzi Ash
Berlin, MD
Silk Painting

Mitzi paints gorgeous silk scarves in radiant colors. She began her journey painting silk in 2001 at an introductory lesson. She improved her skills through workshops taught by accomplished silk artists, and worked to earn 1st place in the Art League of Ocean City November Members Juried 2013, 3rd Place Worcester City Arts Council April Juried 2014, and 2nd Place Worcester City Arts Council April Juried 2015. Her favorite piece is a large scale painting of two flowers called “Together Again”. Mitzi enjoys her art because it is fun, creative, and challenging. Her workshop is a messy room with a murphy bed, where she works in the morning and afternoon. She says that the hardest part of her work is steaming, stretching, and framing the silk. “It is the curve of a line, the juxtaposition of color against color, and the contrast of simplicity and complexity that draws me back again and again to the silk.”

Petra Bernstein
Salisbury, MD
Paintings & Photography

Petra’s art is influenced by nature, whether it be paintings or photography. She graduated with a Bachelor’s in Fine Arts from Salisbury University, and has won many awards for her artwork since then. Petra draws heavily on her influences of what it around her and her emotions for her pieces. She says that the hardest part of her work is maintaining focus and interest to finish her paintings. She doesn’t consider herself to be done until she cannot possibly make it any better. Visit her website at petrabernstein.com

Sheila Cherry
Berlin, MD
Wearable Art and Accessories

Sheila has two companies, Esarxi and Sammie DogWear. Treetops currently has items from both for our Holiday Showcase.  Sheila had enjoyed artistic endeavors since she was a child, and graduated from University or Maryland College Park with a bachelors in fashion merchandising and a minor in textile science. Sheila loves to add beading to her work, even though it is much more time consuming. She feels it makes items even more unique. She enjoys her art because she loves taking an idea from a concept to a finished product. Her workspace is a chaotic area that overlooks a pastoral landscape, where she works continually. Sheila says that the initial process of creating a piece that will match the tastes and personality of the intended buyer is the hardest part of her work.

Taylor & Caroline
Salisbury, MD

Taylor and Caroline is run by Geena Dykes, a stay at home mom with a passion for jewelry. She started making jewelry as a teenager, and is completely self taught. Her favored stone is a moonstone, though she uses many semiprecious stones in her work. Geena finds making jewelry to be very relaxing and a creative outlet. Her workspace is a small corner of her living room, and she fits it in between taking care of her family and homeschooling her children. Geena claims that the hardest part of her work is constantly coming up with new pieces and not getting stuck making the same piece multiple times.