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909 South Schumaker Drive
Salisbury, MD 21804

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Mon - Sat: 10 a.m. - 5 p.m.
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Scout Programs

The Ward Museum offers programs for both Boy and Girl Scouts that focus on Art, Culture, and Nature. With unique resources like the World Championship gallery and Schumaker pond, the Ward Museum is able to host exciting scout events and opportunities. For more information about Boy  Scouts read below. For more information about Girl Scouts you can click here.


 Boy Scouts

The Ward Museum offers programs that allow Boy Scouts to earn and complete their badges. We have several programs that fulfill the requirements for certain badges.

Below you will find the badges that we offer, as well as the dates for specific badge programs. If you have any questions, or would like to arrange for a custom program, please feel free to contact us (410-742-4988 x 104, wardeducation@salisbury.edu).

Event Dates:

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Available badging programs:

Basketry-The folk tradition of basketry is a global art form. Come and learn the different styles of basket making from weaving to coiling and go home with two different types of baskets and a campstool seat.

Bird Study- Learn the basics of birding from expert birders at the Ward Museum. Scouts will learn how to care for binoculars, use a bird guide, learn bird behaviors, calls, ranges and body variations. Scouts will also discuss the history of birding, hunting and using birds to monitor environmental quality.  They will also build and take home a birdfeeder.

Fishing- Come to the Ward Museum and learn the necessary skill of fishing. Learn how to tie different knots, identify the different types of lures and bait. Then catch a fish on site and clean it like a pro.

Insect Study- Explore the misunderstood world of insects. What most people find gross or creepy the Ward Museum will help you understand and explore. Venture outdoors to observe and collect a variety of insects. Then come inside and see the Ward Museum's collection of pinned insects of all shapes and sizes and learn the importance of the under-appreciated insect in the food chain.

Photography- Scouts that come for their photography badge will have the opportunity to learn about photography techniques and methods while using the photography lab at Salisbury University. The scouts will go on a photo excursion and take pictures around scenic SU, then get a chance to edit them using professional a photo shop program and create a digital photo project.

Sculpture- What better place to learn about this art form than at a whole museum dedicated to sculptures. Use proper sculptor's tools to make a life-size and miniature model. Then discuss the career opportunities after touring the Ward Museum and learning different sculpture techniques.

Woodcarving- Learn how to carve from artists who have competed in the World Wildfowl Carving Competition. Scouts will learn the different types of cuts, how to care for tools, and the best types of wood to use while they carve a duck that they can take home. Only Scouts who have already earned the Totin' Chip on their own can register for the woodcarving badge.




 Upcoming Boy Scouts Badging Events