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909 South Schumaker Drive
Salisbury, MD 21804

Museum Hours

Mon - Sat: 10 a.m. - 5 p.m.
Sun: 12 p.m. - 5 p.m.

Permanent Exhibits

The Ward Museum with the help of Moonshell Productions has created videos that provide brief overviews of the museum as well as its galleries and nature trail.  To view the entire playlist (22:03), press the play button on the embedded playlist.  To view each video independently, click on the links in each exhibit.


The Ward Brothers Workshop features the carvings of Lemuel and Stephen Ward, tracing the development of their work and reproducing their barbershop studio.  Visit The Ward Brothers page to read more about Lem and Steve Ward.

Ward Brothers Workshop Gallery (4:14)

Beginning May 31, 2014 the new Ward Brothers film, "Nature's Counterfeiters: Lem and Steve Ward," will be playing in the gallery for visitors to enjoy. This film depicts the lives, legacy, and artwork of the Ward Brothers. To watch this film online please click the link below.

Nature's Counterfeiters: Lem and Steve Ward (14:14)


Lemuel and Steven Ward

The Decoy in Time Gallery is a reconstructed wetland environment complete with decoys, birds, hunting paraphernalia, morning mist, and even calling ducks.  With woodlands to one side and marsh one the other, the gallery tells the history of the use of the decoy by Native Americans, early settlers, market hunters, and sport and contemporary hunters.

Decoy in Time Gallery (2:52)

The Decoy in Time Gallery

The Decoy Study Gallery identifies the major migratory flyways – Atlantic, Mississippi, Central, and Pacific - and showcases the diverse decoy carving traditions of North America. The story is enhanced by the layout of study cases, each with many examples of decoys indigenous to each hunting region, allowing visitors to note the differences and similarities among decoys made in communities with different environmental conditions and aesthetic values.

Decoy Study Gallery (1:33)

The Habitat Theater provides a multidisciplinary setting unique for an art museum, featuring a children’s interactive puppet theater, a gallery space for student art, and educational wall panels. The space also houses much of the Ward Museum’s collection of flyers, which float invisibly above the heads of viewers. Visitors can also use the interactive kiosk, which features games and programs that explore bird calls, migration patterns, diet, and habitat.  The theater features a four part film series Voices From the Edge produced by David Harp and Tom Horton. These short films reveal the richness of the natural and cultural resources where land and water meet in the Chesapeake and Maryland Coastal Bays watershed, addressing their diversity and abundance but also exploring their vulnerability.  Click on each link below to view the videos in their entirety.

Voices from the Edge I (8:16)
Voices from the Edge II (8:48)
Voices from the Edge III (9:53)
Voices from the Edge IV (11:28)

The World Championship Gallery is the largest of the Museum’s galleries, featuring a high vaulted ceiling and showcasing contemporary carvings. Many of these are masterpieces from the museum’s premier event, the annual Ward World Championship Carving Competition. Each year a special showing unveils the current winners. In this gallery, carvings of eagles, swans, owls, geese, ducks, herons, and songbirds appear to come to life.

Championship Gallery (6:01)


"I really enjoyed the historical context that the museum provided"--

Barbara--Shepherdstown, WV