Physical description of brand:

SENECA is a burned brand identifying decoys belonging to the Seneca Point Club.  It consists of six block letters, each one 5/16″ high by 1/4″ wide; overall, the brand is 5/16″ X 2 1/4″.


Recorded deeds for the property (which is between Charlestown, MD, and Carpenter’s Point on the North East River) go back to the early 1700’s.  The property was purchased by a group of 12 men and, in 1868, the Maryland legislature approved a bill to allow the Seneca Point Club of Cecil County to choose directors who lived out-of-state.  The club had over 1,000 acres, a mansion with elaborate grounds and gardens, and many out buildings.  The club was dissolved in 1889.

This brand has been identified on the following decoys:

Decoy Maker Species Sex Other Brands on This Decoy
John Graham Canvasback Drake NH for Nicholas Hyland

References/Sources: Rod Wittstadt,

Initial Contributor: Darrell Hagar

Additional Contributors: