Student Art Show

“Inspiration From Isolation”

What are some connections between the environment and social distancing?

As defined by the CDC, social distancing is the act of keeping a safe distance between you and those not from your household. The phrase “social distancing” has become part of our daily vocabulary. Due to stay-at-home orders across the globe, people have been forced to get creative when it comes to spending time outside, with family and friends, and connecting with others.

For the 2021 Student Art Show, we are collecting student works of art of all media expressing the connections between the environment and social distancing – getting outdoors, staying indoors, seeing new wildlife, paintings, poetry, fiction, non-fiction, sculptures, photography, video, and more.

Perhaps this “new normal” has encouraged you to spend more time outside in nature. Maybe you have found ways to experience nature from the comforts of your home. We are excited to see the various ways students have experienced the environment while social distancing.

Lessons & Project Ideas

How has social distancing and isolation changed your feelings and views of the natural world?

Sas Masks

Masks have become the new graphic tee/phone case, and are a unique way of expressing ourselves. They are a blank canvas in which you can share your personality, portray lived experiences, and capture the beauty of the things around you.

Paint or draw expressive faces on a blank face mask, or draw a beautiful nature-scape. Students could even try their hand at sewing their own face mask.

Sas Window

Painting, Drawings, Photography are another great way for people to communicate their feelings about the outside world. Student artists can create a picture about viewing nature from the inside or express their feelings about being outside during social distancing.

Additionally, pick up your camera or phone and head outside to capture something that has given you inspiration during this time.

Sas Diary

Journaling gives us a unique perspective into someone’s life. Journaling, or writing fictional stories, are a great way for people to express themselves. Entries can explain how you’ve spent more time outside, or how you’ve experienced nature from the inside.

Letters written to someone else are similar to journaling and are a great way to communicate your perspective and experiences to a friend. An exchange of letters between you and someone else; these can be made into a digital PowerPoint to minimize contact for the art show.

Other forms of communication like Facetime or Zoom recordings are further examples of artistic expression. Video art, especially TikTok videos have perfectly captured the emotion of 2020 and social distancing.

Screen Shot 2021 01 05 At 10.05.07 Am

Memes, like TikTok videos, serve as another highly expressive way for us to feel connected during a time of social distancing, as well as experience some much needed comic relief. Memes can bring together specific communities, or in this case, just about the entire world as we experience the realities of COVID together. With a global pandemic we can embrace the necessity of comedy through the sharing of memes and via social media.

Similar to memes, self-made Comic Strips are an equally creative way to express your feelings and emotions through comedy. In addition to creating memes through available online templates, students can create original works of comedy and art that captures the sentiment of social distancing, the changed world, or even something a littler closer to home like virtual learning.

The Ward Museum invites students from Delmarva to submit their artwork to the annual Student Art Show.  The Student Art Show is a non-competitive display of students’ works from around the entire Delmarva peninsula.  It is open to all students grades K–12 in public and private schools, as well as home-schooled students.  The submitted works will go on exhibit in the museum for public display.

The theme for 2021 is “Inspiration from Isolation,” collecting student works of all media exploring the connections between people and their experiences with social distancing. Drawing, painting, poetry, fiction, non-fiction, sculpture, photography, video, and more are all welcome.

To make a submission, print the entry form and bring entries to The Ward Museum, Salisbury University. Please note that each piece of artwork needs an entry form attached to it and the student’s name should also be present on the artwork.

Call: 410-742-4988 EXT. 101

Submission Requirements:

  • Students may use a variety of flat or 3D media including, but not limited to, paints, sketching pencils, colored pencils or Prismacolors, pastels, crayons, photography and sculpture
  • All flat art must be matted with a minimum one inch black or white border. Hooks for hanging are not required.
  • Please print and attach an Entry Form with the student’s name, age/grade and school name on the back of each student’s submission.
  • All artwork must be no larger than 18” x 24” (including matting)
  • 3D standing art must have a footprint of 14” x 14” or less.

Dates to Remember:

  • Exhibit Opening: February 19
  • Submissions Due: February 12
  • Exhibit Final Day: May 2
  • Artwork Pick-Up: May 12