Ward Museum Photo Festival

July 16-18, 2021Ward Museum Photo Festival

Photos being accepted June 1-30, 2021.  A link for registration/uploads will be provided then.

The Ward Museum of Wildfowl Art, Salisbury University invites photographers to join us for the hybrid event, The Ward Museum Photo Festival, with online and in-person entries, workshops, virtual programming and more. There are two divisions, Photographer and Youth Photographer (age 17 and younger). Photographers compete to be the Grand Champion and Youth Photographers compete for Youth Grand Champion

More rules, guidelines, and information coming soon. 

Judges, workshops, virtual programming, and other festival content will be announced as confirmed.  If you are interested in judging, teaching, providing virtual content, or would like to nominate someone to judge please reach out to Event Director, Kristie Clattenburg at kaclattenburg@salisbury.edu.

2021 Digital Categories

First place in each category competes for Grand Champion

  • Animals Other than Birds
  • Birds
  • Black & White
  • Creative Concept 
    • This category is open to all altered images, as well as artistic and abstract photos.
  • Documentary and Journalistic Photography (see theme)
    • 2021 theme is Active Nature: Outdoor Sports & Activities in the Natural Environment  
    • Photographers are required to submit a caption along with each photo, up to 100 words.
  • Drone and Aerial Photography
    • Photos taken from drones, airplanes, or from up high looking down
  • Humans in Nature
    • These photos should depict humans interacting with non-human nature
  • Natural Landscapes
    • Landscapes minimally, or not obviously, altered by humans. Human structures are allowed, but the main focus must be the natural landscape
  • Long Exposure and Night Photography
  • Plants
  • Portrait Photography
    • This may include humans and other animals
  • Urban Landscapes
    • These photos should depict urban habitats, which may include buildings, modes of transportation, and other manmade structures. Plants, humans, and other animals in the photos are acceptable.

2021 Print Categories

First place in each category completes for Grand Champion. This category’s competitors will enter online then mail in print photos (see rules).  The entries will be judged and hung on the gallery walls for the Ward Museum Photo Festival weekend. 

  • Delmarva Traditions
    • Includes photography featuring traditional occupations and activities, artistic traditions, and other cultural traditions or folklore taking place on the Delmarva Peninsula.
  • Festival Photography
    • Photos taken at or depicting festivals you have attended
  • Food Photography

2021  5 Minute Mini-Documentary Category: Delmarva Traditions

The top three mini docs will be shown online during the Delmarvalous Festival (August 14, 2021).  Subject matter should include the cultural or natural heritage of Delmarva, including but not limited to traditional occupations and activities, artistic traditions, and other folklore.


Please contact us by phone 410-742-4988 ext. 106 or email kaclattenburg@salisbury.edu to discuss sponsorship opportunities.

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