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Highlights of a Legend by Russell Taylor III

Now in its 10th year, the Art in Nature Photo Festival is going virtual! This year, Art in Nature will be held completely online, July 10-12.  All photos must be submitted digitally; mail-in photos will not be accepted

Photos will be accepted virtually June 1, 2020 to July 8, 2020.  Entries will NOT be accepted after July 8, 2020.   Please make sure you read the rules and information.  Entry Fee is $20 non-members, $15 for members for the first three photos entered.  It is $3 a photo after that and there is unlimited entry.  Be sure to share the event with friends and family as there is a People’s Choice Award.  

Art in Nature Photo Festival Information & Rules

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2020 Categories: 

Animals Other than Birds
Black & White
Creative Concept – This category is open to all altered images, as well as artistic and abstract photos.
Documentary and Journalistic Photography – Photographers are required to submit a caption along with each photo, up to 100 words.
Drone and Aerial Photography – Photos taken from drones, airplanes, or from up high looking down.
Humans in Nature – These photos should depict humans interacting with non-human nature.
Natural Landscapes – Landscapes minimally, or not obviously, altered by humans. Human structures are allowed, but the main focus must be the natural landscape.
Long Exposure and Night Photography
Portrait Photography – This may include humans and other animals.
Urban Landscapes -These photos should depict urban habitats, which may include buildings, modes of transportation, and other manmade structures. Humans and other animals, and plants, are acceptable.

Meanwhile, get excited for your chance to win free entry! All month long in June we’ll accept free entries in two contests (one on Facebook, one on Instagram). Winners will receive free entry for their first three photos in the Art in Nature Photo Festival. We’ll post more information about the contest categories, hashtags, and special judges in the next weeks. Check back soon.

Please contact us by phone 410-742-4988 ext. 106 or email to discuss sponsorship opportunities.


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Photographers and Businesses participating in Judging and Virtual Educational Content:

Remsberg Inc 

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