Ward Museum Photo Festival


Thank you to everyone who entered this year and congratulations to all of our winners!

The photo gallery will be posted soon.

2022 Winners List
Ward Museum Photo Festival

Meet our 2022 Judges

2022 Ward Museum Photo Festival Rules

2022 Photographer Categories; * = new in 2022:

The 15 categories will compete for Grand Champion.

  • Be Delmarvalous – Photos from the Delmarva Peninsula: Delaware, Maryland’s Eastern Shore, Virginia’s Eastern Shore.
  • Birds
  • Black & White
  • Creative Concept – This category is open to all altered images, as well as artistic and abstract photos. Show off your Photoshop skills!
  • Documentary and Journalistic Photography* with the theme- Travel Photography – Photographers are required to submit a caption along with each photo, up to 100 words.
  • Drone and Aerial Photography – Photos taken from drones, airplanes, or from up high looking down.
  • Humans – Portrait, candid, studio, etc. The main focus of this category must be a human.
  • Long Exposure and Night Photography
  • Macro Photography
  • Natural Landscapes – Landscapes minimally, or not obviously, altered by humans. Human structures are allowed, but the main focus must be the natural landscape.
  • Pet Portraits* – includes all pets and domesticated animals e.g. farm animals.
  • Plants
  • Out of the Box* – You took this amazing photo, but it does not fit into any of the other categories. Enter it here and share that photo with the world!
  • Urban Landscapes- These photos should depict urban habitats, which may include buildings, modes of transportation, and other manmade structures.
  • Wild Animals* – includes zoo animals.

2022 Youth – This Division is only for photographers 17 and under. There are no separate categories for photos. All youth compete together. When entering your photos please choose Youth Photographer. The youth photographers all compete for Youth Grand Champion.


Grand Champion – Best in Show: Overall winner from any category or division. This winner will receive a $250 cash award, a Wimberley Head Version II full gimbal tripod head donated by Wimberley, a Family & Friends Membership to the Ward Museum ($75 value), and a certificate.
Second & Third Best in Show: These winners may come from any category or division. Winners will each receive $50 cash awards, a Family & Friends Membership to the Ward Museum ($75 value), and a certificate.
First, Second, and Third: A first, second, and third place in each category. First-place winners will receive $50 each. All winners will receive Individual Memberships to the Ward Museum ($50 value) and a certificate. [First in the category for Birds and Be Delmarvalous will also receive a $100 gift certificate to Wimberley]
Youth Grand Champion – Best in Youth Division: Overall winner from the Youth Division. This winner will receive $100 cash prize, a gift certificate of $100 to Wimberley, a Family & Friends Membership to the Ward Museum ($75 value), and a certificate.
Honorable Mentions: Winners will receive certificates.

In addition to certificate awards, the Ward Foundation may also award physical goods donated by sponsoring Corporate Partners. If there are any limitations on these items, you must meet all their requirements to receive the award.

Additionally, the viewing public will have the opportunity to select one award:
People’s Choice Award: This award is determined by popular vote (November 1-11), which will be tallied and announced on November 18, 2022. The winner will receive a Family & Friends Membership to the Ward Museum ($75 value) and a certificate.

Please contact us by phone 410-742-4988 ext. 120 or to discuss sponsorship opportunities.

2022 Event Sponsors


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