Flock Around the Block

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Flock Around the Block is the Ward Museum’s series of in-person, interactive bird walks for 1st-5th grade students and their families, which will take place at various parks throughout Salisbury, MD. With each month featuring a new theme and “Bird of the Month”, students will engage in a variety of bird-centered activities, learn the tips and tricks of bird identification, and participate in an official bird count. All activities are aligned to Next Generation Science Standards for 1st-5th grade. Join us as we dive into the world of birding and connect with our feathered friends living right in our own neighborhoods! All walks at all locations will follow recommended COVID-19 safety measures, and we ask all participants to wear masks and social distance when possible.

See below for our Flock Around the Block schedule and addresses for each location:

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Bird of the Month: July 2021 – Carolina Wren

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Identification: Small songbird with reddish-brown on top, a pale chest, a white eyebrow stripe & striped brown wings and tail. Like other wrens, has a skinny, slightly curved beak and an upward-pointing tail. 

Habitat: Wooded areas, yards & swamps. Often seen foraging in shrubs, on the ground, or on tree trunks. 

Food: Insects, spiders; occasionally plants and fruit. 

Range: Year-round resident throughout eastern US. 

With its small size and mottled brown plumage, the Carolina Wren can easily camouflage in thick vegetation. But this little songbird is great at projecting its delightful song across the treetops! Carolina Wrens are often solitary or found in pairs, and they mate for life. Mating pairs build a cup-shaped nest together in tree cavities, but they may use other fun spaces like flowerpots and mailboxes as well. This species is sensitive to cold winters, which may be why the population is expanding its range northward. To see the Carolina Wren in your own backyard, try hanging a suet feeder during the winter or putting up a nest box to attract a breeding pair. Learn more about the Carolina Wren and see it in person during Flock Around the Block or Wing Watch! 

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