Ocean City Film Festival Showcase

The Ocean City Film Festival will be showcasing films in the Performing Arts Center at the Ocean City Convention Center in conjunction with the 49th Annual Ward World Championship. All you need is a ticket to the Ward World Championships or your badge for the show and you can enjoy the films listed below! The Ocean City Film Festival was held March 8-10 , 2019 all over Ocean City. We are thrilled to welcome them to the Ward World Championships!

FRIDAY , April 26, 2019


“Boost” by Ben Palmer & Stephen Borunda. Stop motion story of a robot in a junkyard. 16:35.

“A Day in the Life of a Pig” by Hannah Collins. A pig has a 9-5 job. 1:32.

“Gotcha” by Deborah Pinkney. Toddler looks for answers in travels. 3:05.

“Taffy Tears” by Megan Rogers. An odd customer and the dealing clerk. 2:24.

“Night Light” by Yamiset Trujillo and Jane Suarez. Newborn seaturtle on the Miami beach. 7:52.

“Whale Fall” by Yiyuan Yuan. “May we all be blessed with longevity.” 3:00.

“Custer Wolf” by Chris Heady. The world’s greatest criminal outlaw. 9:44.

“Pour 585” by Patrick Smith. A dystopian world populated by Wine Glasses. 4:40.

“Red Omen- Ed Roman” by Ed Roman. Music video by Canadian singer-songwriter Ed Roman. 4:00.

“Land of Odd” by Gus Fink and Emi Boz. Kids discover a portal to another world. 13:13.


“The American South as We Know It” by Frederick Murphy. Murphy explores American history through the eyes of African-Americans in southern communities. 56 minutes.


The Rob Waters Showcase (62 minutes)

Assorted short films by Delaware filmmaker, Rob Waters.

“Need Change” a day in the life of a pizza delivery driver as he navigates his thankless job.

“James Beard Semifinalist, Matt Kern,” a documentary telling the story of Lewes Delaware’s head chef at Heirloom

“Delaware State of Mind,” the viral music video encompassing the, well, Delaware state of mind.

“Recovery” a young boxer seeks advice from his weathered hero.

“Shipbuilders of Lewes” discover the maritime history of Lewes through an examination of its early shipbuilders.

“Stuntin’ is a Habit” a first place winner at Dogfish’s Off Centered Film Fest, witness the legendary tale of a tragic stunt dummy.

“Pietas” sometimes the hardest part of your day is sharing it with a loved one.

SUNDAY, April 28, 2019

“Joe Kroart’s World Center” by William Strang-Moya, Trevor Taylor, and Colin Riley. Ocean Gallery World Center on the boardwalk has garnered international acclaim for 50 years. Explore the story of proprietor-showman, Joe Kroart. 54 minutes.


“Altering a Resort’s Destiny” by Terry Sterner. Discover the story of March 7th, 1962, the storm that altered the destiny of Ocean City for 50 years. 41 minutes.


“Ocean City Beach Patrol” by Brett Hammond. Inspirational and informative documentary about the crew charged with saving the lives of beach-goers. 69 minutes.

“Five Days in August” by Nicholas Ruff. Directed by the four-time Emmy-nominated filmmaker, this documentary follows two teams competing in the world’s largest and richest billfish tournament, the White Marlin Open. 68 minutes.