J. D. Mallory

Dscn2330 Dscn2326

Detailed description of brand:

This burned brand, which identifies an individual gunner, is 5 ½” wide with block letters that are ½” high.  Periods follow the J and the D.


Jeremiah D. Mallory (1850-1905) owned the J.D. Mallory & Company (Baltimore, Maryland), a supply firm that specialized in engines, machine parts, wheels, and other equipment for railroad companies.  His primary hobby was the breeding and training of Chesapeake Bay retrievers.  Both his business interests and his hobby led him to become good friends with Edward L. Bartlett of the Baltimore firm of Bartlett & Hayward Company (iron works).

Other Brands on this decoy:


This brand has been identified on the following decoys:

Maker                                          Specie                     Drake or Hen

1. James Holly                         Canvasback                         Drake



Initial Contributor:  Larry Cook

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