The Ward Museum features regularly changing exhibitions in two galleries, the LaMay Gallery and the Welcome Gallery. These range from single-artist retrospectives to cultural surveys that explore specific topics relevant to the local and regional communities. The LaMay Gallery, named for wildlife artist Art LaMay, and the Welcome Gallery present roughly eight exhibitions each year. Works of art from the Ward Museum’s permanent collections, many of which are not often on view, as well as masterpieces and cultural artifacts from other museums are featured in these installations.

Permanent exhibits include the Ward Brothers Workshop, the Decoy in Time Gallery, the Decoy Study Gallery, and the World Championship Gallery.

The Habitat Theater provides a unique multidisciplinary setting for regular film screenings. It also features a children’s interactive puppet theater, a gallery space for student art, and educational wall panels. The space houses much of the Ward Museum’s collection of flyers, which float invisibly above the heads of viewers. Visitors can also use the interactive kiosk, which features games and programs that explore birdcalls, migration patterns, diet, and habitat.

Please check the calendar for upcoming exhibits; there is always something new to see!

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